About Us
Participate in the most valued tournaments around the world with IOKO World Ratings tournaments. 
Make the most out of your competitions. IOKO not only assures you compete with the best martial arts competitors, but we make sure you enjoy your stay. Our events are held in beautiful cities around the world, with varying amenities and recreational activities. 

Whether you are looking to spend some family time after the events, or to celebrate your hard work with your teammates, IOKO events are the perfect place to create lifetime memories amongst admirable individuals.

Your hard work and training is worth demonstrating. Come join the IOKO 2015 tournaments. This is YOUR time to shine!


  1. CIO
    Debbie Porres
    Chief Information Officer & Web Developer
  2. CEO
    Jorge Porres
    IOKO President & CEO
  3. CFO
    Candy Porres
    Chief Financial Officer